Rainbow Folders

Rainbow Folders 2.05

A different color for each of your folders

Rainbow Folders (RF) is an easy to use program, which allows you to change the color of the icon representing a chosen folder to any color you like. What for? Mainly to boost yours computer usage speed & skills. When you're exploring a directory which contains lots of subdirectories in Windows Explorer you can easily commit a mistake, e.g. by clicking on a folder's icon which has a similar name to the one you really wanted. With the folders marked with different colors of your choice you won't make any mistakes and after some time you'll be clicking the right folders by impulse.

You can colorize an unlimited number of folders - each into a different color. So you could, for example, color all important folders red, all frequently visited folders green etc. Also the effect of colorizing folders is not only visible in Explorer but in whole system, so also in any directory selection tree, and open/save dialog in any Windows application. But changing colors is not the only thing you can do with RF, you can also set an extra warning when someone tries to delete a colorized folder, and optional text that will 'pop up' when the cursor stops above the folder's icon for a while.

Rainbow Folders


Rainbow Folders 2.05

— User reviews — about Rainbow Folders

  • Kelltic

    by Kelltic

    "Lovely while it lasted."

    I loved it until it quit working. I've tried installing it many times, but when I choose it from the context menu, it on... More.

    reviewed on July 29, 2016

  • Alasbabylon

    by Alasbabylon

    "Love this program!"

    This helps me organize my files on the computer. I can flag hot projects Red and downgrade as needed to a cooler color . More.

    reviewed on January 21, 2015

  • xibit128

    by xibit128

    "Excellent Software and highly recomended!"

    Tried all sorts of folder color programs, this is by far the best and is easy to use. The paid Folder Marker version is ... More.

    reviewed on September 1, 2013